Our Products

Alphen Egg Packaging Distributors intends to be a one-stop shop when it comes to egg packaging. We aspire to offer a broad selection of innovative and eco-friendly egg packaging solutions, including biodegradable, moulded fibre egg cartons, egg trays , top-decks (fillers), corrugated boxes, top covers as well as pamphlets, labels and barcodes.

We supply our customers with blank, generic-printed and customised options. Our products are eco-friendly, strong, of a superior quality and competitively priced.

egg boxes, trays & top decks | carry packs | corrugated boxes & egg pads | egg tray covers & pamphlets | labels
buff tape, strapping & poly buckles | barcodes

Until recently, we were able to offer a more extensive product line that included dairy trays, achaar trays as well as a wide variety of fresh produce containers. Sadly our supplier has closed down and we have not yet been able to find a substitute for these products. However, we are working on reviving this product line again in future.