egg boxes, trays & top decks

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30 tray top decks  .  18 tray top decks

Egg Cartons (Clams)

We offer a wide selection of egg cartons with hinged lids. All of these come as plain, generic-printed, custom printed or custom labelled. Apart from the standardised grey colour, these egg cartons can also be dyed in different eye-catching colours upon request.

Egg Trays (Open Trays)

The egg trays we supply are designed to securely hold and protect eggs during transportation and storage. Main features of these egg trays include optimum egg protection and a strong, solid construction. A variety of open egg trays are available.

Top Decks (Tray Lids)

Our Top Decks are specially designed to enhance the protection of the eggs packed into the open trays, by providing them with an extra layer of protection against vibrations and shocks. Furthermore it also allows for safe stacking